Post Production Supervisor: What Do They Do?

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Post Production Supervisors are the project managers of the Film and TV world and are the quiet achievers who oversee and manage production of every aspect of film and television, after the footage has been shot (post production).

They are the glue that holds the many and varied aspects of post production together.

To explain our services and what we actually do from day to day, read our guide below…

What does a post production supervisor do?

Post Production Supervisors are behind the scenes wizards. They oversee everything from pre production and budget to managing edits and project delivery.

Learn more about each aspect of what we do below:

Development and funding proposals

We review stakeholder requirements and discuss planned creative for the story, style, tone and look, and any impact these have on post production workflow.

We discuss anticipated logistics, including

  • location constraints
  • planned visual effects
  • shoot schedules

We assist in gathering comparative quotes, allowing us to forecast post production budgets and create early post production schedule options.

Pre Production

In the early stages of pre production we review any technical specification documents and finalise delivery requirements. As well as firming up post production quotes and suppliers.

Another key aspect of pre production is to set up and validate workflows for:

  • dailies processing
  • editorial and sound pathways
  • dailies and cuts review procedures and platforms
  • footage security and back-up

Our role is to liaise with Heads of Department to facilitate a project look, and this includes:

  • camera tests and LUT creation
  •  makeup and wardrobe tests

Finally we publish post production schedules to production, editorial, vision and sound post facilities, composers, VFX vendors and all relevant stakeholders. Followed by publishing checklists and templates for editorial and production.

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Production and Post Production

As Post Production Supervisors, we maintain close contact throughout production by attending all production meetings and collaborating with directors, camera, sound and art departments to review:

  • on-set video and audio playback
  • best approach for VFX including plates, screens, green screen

We’re also across managing rushes distribution and access during shoot:

  • providing daily support for the editorial team, including liaising with production and post facilities on turnovers, tests and general trouble shooting
  • managing/reporting to Producers and Production Accountants on post production budgets and purchase orders
  • Creating then revising and publishing the post production¹ schedule, including daily and weekly updates for Key Creatives and Producers as required.

Once an edit is locked, we:

  • prepare and circulate credits for approval
  • Oversee the turnover of locked cuts and assets to vision, sound, music and VFX suppliers
  • collate all To Be Written lines for ADR
  • supervise all of the ADR bookings, including scheduling domestic and international cast and facilities
  • manage VFX pipelines for review and delivery
  • manage the music review and delivery with composers and music supervisors
  • facilitate and supervise all bookings across colour grade and sound mix, pre-master and final mastering


We ensure project delivery is streamlined by using our tested and methodical approach during production.

We supervise delivery of all vision and audio master elements to stakeholders and prepare  delivery documentation.

Finally we obtain confirmation of delivery receipt and acceptance of materials.


To summarise, the above is our professional post production supervision work description and workflow, covering our day to day and our structured approach to post production supervision.

If you have any questions, or would like to book a project, please contact our crew, we’d love to hear from you.


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